Latin America

Seminary Student Puts His Learning to Work for Christ

When a professor at Concordia Theological Seminary in Argentina told Ezequiel Rautenberg, a third year student, that he would be required to volunteer with a Non Government Organization, he had mixed feelings.  Though he was very busy with his classes, Ezequiel realized he had an opportunity to really help people, especially because the volunteer work was with LHM—Argentina (known locally as Christ For All The Nations.)

“My first day was atypical,” said Ezequiel, who was asked to answer the phone.  “I never imagined one of those phone calls would be from a man in prison.  I had never talked to anyone in prison before.”

Unsure of what to say, Ezequiel listened to the man and realized that he was a person who trusted in Jesus.  “He longed to learn more of the Bible, in a way I had never seen before.”  For the first time, the student put his theological training to work answering the questions of a stranger.

“Today, I can say that those first concerns I had about having less free time have turned into a constant satisfaction and wishes of returning to the foundation to stay in touch with the people I spoke to, including the man in prison,” Ezequiel said.  “I firmly believe that someday he will be a great servant of the Lord and a faithful member of our church.”

“Every moment at LHM has been truly significant for my life.  I have not spent this time in vain, and God knows what fruits will be shown in the people I have communicated with.”

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