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Young Russian Artists Illustrate Christmas Book

LHM—Russia spent Christmas Eve with the aspiring artists of Kitezgrad Children’s Public Center to present a book featuring artwork they’d submitted in November.

“The purpose of the center is to help children develop their artistic abilities,” said Igor Savich, director of LHM—Russia.  “The place was like a fairyland with all the bright colors and amazing pictures.”

When the staff returned to the center on Dec. 24, they divided the kids into four groups and had them rotate through five rooms, each with a unique activity.

In one room, children crafted paper angels; in another they decorated cookies.  A large cat was waiting for them in a third room where she led them in songs about cats.  Women dressed in traditional Russian attire played music for the children in the fourth room.

Later, everyone was gathered into one large room where Ded Moroz, the Russian version of Santa Claus, appeared to sing and dance with them.

After a few songs, Ded Moroz helped Igor Savich hand out 90 copies of the new Christmas book the kids had illustrated.  In addition to their paintings, the books feature songs, Bible verses, activities and drama scripts, all based around Christmas.

The children were overjoyed to receive the books, and are sure to have proudly shared them with their families.

Below are some of the paintings that were used in the book, all made by children between 7-9 years old.

One thought on “Young Russian Artists Illustrate Christmas Book

  1. трето, всички се събраха в една голяма стая, където Ded Мороз, руската версия на Дядо Коледа, се появява да пее и танцува с тях.

    След няколко песни, Ded Мороз Игор Savich помогна ръка 90 копия от новата книга на Коледа илюстрира деца имали.

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