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Christmas Show in Vietnam Changes Lives

For Christmas, LHM—Vietnam partnered with Tan Hiep Church to hold a music show with the band “Sion.”  Members of the congregation distributed over 1,000 invitations to their neighbors and relatives.  More than 900 people were in attendance for the show.

A stage was set up outside in the large back yard of the church which was theperfect amount of space for everyone to enjoy the music.  As the band played, their songs revealed the meaning of Christmas.

After the show, 62 members of the audience stayed behind to hear more about the Christian faith and Tan Hiep Church.   Among that group was a young Buddhist couple who had been struggling to pay for healthcare for their sick daughter on their low income.

“A member of the church sent an invitation to us,” said Mr. Danh, the husband.  The couple was hoping the Christmas show would help to ease the sadness they’d been feeling.  “But the story of Jesus’ birth into the world and his death for our sins touched our hearts.  By God’s grace, today is really a joyful day for our family.”

The couple was given a Bible tract and a Gospel CD, which they were very eager to receive.  We ask that you keep the Danh family and all the others in your prayers that they might come to know Christ better in the new year.

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