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Share a Bible this Christmas

This Christmas share the gift of God’s Word with children around the world. Give the gift of a Bible.

Arirat Donkan is a nine-year-old girl who lives in Thailand. Her parents are day laborers and live in poverty.

Arirat loves to pray with her father, who recently became a Christian. She also looks forward to church on Sundays – to read the Bible. Like other kids in her Sunday school class, Arirat’s family cannot afford to buy her a Bible. Her only opportunity to read God’s Word is at church.

This Christmas, share the gift of a Bible with children around the world. A gift of $15 will provide two children in another nation with Bibles of their own!

Many children like Arirat crave learning more about Jesus, but are unable to afford a Bible of their own. With a gift of $15, you can provide two children, like Arirat, with a personal Bible.

Sharing the Bible

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