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Blind Woman Moved to Tears by a Puppet Performance She Couldn’t See

Last month, the puppet team of LHM—Vietnam performed “Prodigal Son” for an audience of over 200 people at Le Minh Xuan Church of Hochiminh city.

One of the audience members, Ms. Nguyen, is a blind woman who was invitedBlind Woman Sees God to the puppet show by a friend.  She listened quietly and intently to the performance, and afterward said, “Even though I don’t see the acting of the characters in the play, listening to the story moved me to tears.” Nguyen explained that she had never been aware of God’s love.  “This evening I am so joyful,” she said.  “I see Him in my heart.”

Later, Nguyen joined 12 members of the audience in prayer, all of whom were given a copy of “Prodigal Son” on a CD.  “When I go back home, I will ask my nephew to put the CD on and listen to the play with me.” Please remember Nguyen in your prayers as she continues to learn about God’s saving grace.

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