Latin America

Kuna Women Rejoice in the Word

Neither the mud nor the rain could stop the Kuna women who completed their “Being a Woman” Bible study course from attending the graduation ceremony. They rejoiced as they received their certificates from the Lutheran Hour Ministries—Panama director, Edilberto Méndez Mora. The women laughed and gave thanks to God as they testified about how much studying the Word of God has helped them – giving them practical wisdom for their daily lives.

The Kuna are an indigenous people of Panama, some of whom Lutheran Hour Ministries has reached with the Gospel message. They are famous for their bright molas, a colorful textile art form.

“We praise God for these ladies, who are eager to learn more about the Word,” said Mora.

This group of women has already begun a second Bible study and we pray that they will join the efforts of Lutheran Hour Ministries—Panama in supporting the mission of the church in the community of Las Nubes.

Visit the Panama blog to see a video of women as they expressed their joy (translated from Kuna to Spanish).

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