The Wurdemans Visit Thailand

The Lutheran Hour Ministries (LHM) Executive Director, Bruce Wurdeman, and his wife, Mj, are currently visiting ministry sites in Thailand and Vietnam. The Wurdemans, who are on their first visit to that part of the world, have sent us an update of their time in Thailand.

Sowadekrup! Greetings from Thailand – the Land of Smiles! And Thailand does live up to this name. These are some of the most friendly, hospitable people in the world. We’re about halfway through our two week trip now and we’ll leave for Vietnam early Thursday morning. There are way too many highlights of the trip to list, but I’ll give you a few:

Meeting the LHM—Thailand staff

Boom and her staff of six others do a wonderful job of sharing the Gospel in this nation. They have amazing personal stories to tell and are all committed to making sure that their countrymen get to know Jesus. We spent some time with the staff on our first day here and then were at a banquet they hosted for local volunteers and donors last Saturday night. And I had an opportunity to speak at that banquet, too. A local pastor translated for me. The pastors I’ve met are all most complimentary of LHM’s work here and love working with Boom and her team.

Broadcasting Live

We attended a live broadcast of one of our radio programs here in Bangkok – 60 minutes. There were 20 incoming phone calls during that show. That same show will be rebroadcast at a number of stations around the country. We stopped in to visit with a station manager north of Phuket and he was most complimentary and enthusiastic about the program – said it was one of their most popular programs.

Sunday Service in Southern Thailand

Sunday we flew to Phuket (extreme southern Thailand) and stayed in that area until today (Tuesday). We worshiped Sunday afternoon at a Lutheran church that is literally in the middle of a pineapple field and rubber plantation near the town of Khok Kloi. I gave away lots of those yellow JC PlayZone frisbees to the kids -they loved them!

I also had the privilege of preaching for the service. After the service I heard stories. One family became Christians because of the tsunami and our LHM volunteer team. They said that if Christians cared that much for them, their God must care very much, too, and they wanted to get to know the Christian God. The whole family was baptized at that church. Another man told me that he and his family became Christian because of our broadcast in that area. It struck me that out of probably 50 or so people in that worship service, Mj and I were the only lifelong Christians. Not long ago, Boom and her team did a concert here and there were over 1,000 people in attendance!

Kapkuhnkrup for all you do! May God watch over all of us–on two different sides of the world.

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