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Cambodia Director Resigns to Pursue Life in the States

Tuy An

Tuy An, the Lutheran Ministries—Cambodia director, has announced his resignation effective October 31st, 2010. He is resigning as he prepares to immigrate to the United States. Tuy An has been the directing ministry activities in Cambodia since January, 2004.

Before he began serving at Lutheran Hour Ministries, Tuy An worked for several international organizations delivering medical relief and education assistance to refugees, civil servants, teachers and students in poor villages. Since joining the Ministry, he, along with staff and team of dedicated volunteers, have been focused on improving and expanding the reach of Christian media programming, as well as building strong partnerships with churches.

Tuy An will leave Cambodia for the U.S. on November 4, 2010, where he will join his wife who recently went to the live with their daughter and her family in Kansas City, Missouri.

Gunya NaThalang, the Lutheran Hour Ministries Area Counselor for Asia, recently returned from a trip to Cambodia where she was helping with the transition. She reported, “I thanked Tuy An and wished him well on behalf of LHM and the staff in St. Louis. It was very emotional and heartfelt when Tuy An expressed his sincerest thanks to Lutheran Hour Ministries, to the advocacy board members, and to his staff for their good cooperation support over the past seven years.”

Mr. Van Ravi, a current employee of Lutheran Ministries—Cambodia will serve as the interim manager following Tuy An’s departure.

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