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Why I’m Going: Barb Johnson, Missionary Concordia Lutheran School Music Teacher


Barb Johnson


This past year I have grown in my love for Christ and the many blessings He has given me. A year ago I found out I had breast cancer once again. Fortunately, it was caught very early. With the help of many friends and family, I coped with six months of chemotherapy. It wasn’t always the easiest. However, placing the emphasis of my life on helping others with their relationship to Christ, it helped my relationship to Him and others.

We have an opportunity to continue to build the relationship we started two years ago in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Two years ago a team of people started a relationship with the school with the help of our interpreters. This relationship has continued through the help of these special people. We will get to share what the “schooling” is about in America. Also we are going to be able to share some music with the students. What a joy!

My started a relationship in Ethiopia with Kibret and Mesfin, two of our interpreters, when I visited two years ago. It will be great to see them again and pick up our stories from where we left two years ago. They have been helpful in planning and working with team as we make our plan to “teach” the children at Mekane Yesus. Seeing the smiles and joy they have when they see us will be worth all the work we put into our planning.

Rick Warren stated in a devotion he wrote that helping others helps his wife cope with the cancer she has. She cannot get well. However, by helping others, she helps herself cope as well as increasing her relationship with the Lord. This same idea was what I did as I coped with my chemo treatments. I want to share my “help” with the children of Ethiopia. The Lord is offering me a golden opportunity.

To learn more about Lutheran Hour Ministries short-term mission opportunities please visit the International Volunteer Trips page.

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