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The Salvation Message Shared through Film

Over 200 people attended a film event at Tac Van Church in Vietnam, where Lutheran Hour Ministries (LHM) staff showed the film entitled “The Creation.” The audience excitingly watched the story of creation and learned that God is the Creator who has a salvation plan for all people. After the show, 26 people came forward and asked for prayer, and said they wanted to know more about Jesus Christ as their savior.

One of the people in the crowd was Nguyen Thi Kim Chi, a lady who brought her young son see the film.

“When I received the invitation card to this event from the church I just want to bring my son to watch the film for entertainment, but watching the film “The Creation” I’m so amazed at the great work of God that I have not ever knew before. Especially the salvation plan through Jesus Christ’” she told LHM staff after the show. “I feel so sorry for long time I put my faith into idols and worship them but I don’t know that they are false gods and have not the real power as God, Creator. Tonight, thank God for His grace. He opens my mind and forgives my sins. My faith is changed in Jesus Christ. Thank you for your video show.”

LHM—Vietnam staff have connected Mrs. Chi to the congregation Tac Van. She will soon begin attending pre-baptism class at the church.

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