Sri Lankan Partnership Brings People to the Church

S. Gnanadason is an LHM volunteer in Sri lanka

S. Gnanadason is a Lutheran Hour Ministries volunteer and, for the last five years, has been working to help strengthen and expand the partnership between the Lanka Lutheran Church in Nanu Oya, and the Lutheran Hour Ministries Sri Lanka ministry center about seven miles away. The diversity of religions in Sri Lanka—including Buddhists, Muslims, and Hindus—is a challenge to his ministry.

For this reason, Gnanadason and LHM—Sri Lanka work together to reach as many people as possible. For example, he coordinates LHM’s Tamil ministry, and LHM organizes Christmas programs and distributes school supplies to students in Nanu Oya. These programs attract hundreds of non-Christians who later enroll in Bible Correspondence Courses.

The partnership has drawn more and more people to the Lanka Lutheran Church as well, and Gnanadason now leads a weekly worship service for the growing church body. In addition, two new families will soon be baptized.

Please pray for Gnanadason and his church, as well as all the staff and volunteers in Sri Lanka, who share the love of Christ in that country.

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