Final Whistle Blows on JOEL Cup 2010

Last Saturday, the final soccer match of JOEL Cup 2010 was played, marking the close of LHM—Myanmar’s annual soccer tournament.  The games, named after the Project JOEL program started in Latin America, are a way for staff to reach out to youth with the Gospel message in areas that are mostly non-Christian.

Before each soccer match, a representative from a local church shared a Biblical message, and on the day of the final match, he spoke of forgiveness for those who have hurt us. All who were present, Christians and non-Christians, were so moved by his words that they all joined him in prayer.

This year was the first time the tournament was held at the National Fusel Indoor Stadium. Two officials of the Myanmar Football Federation were in attendance for the first and final games. They chose  two of the JOEL Cup 2010 participants to try out for the national team, and the officials said it was partly because they were so well-behaved and respectful.

Now that the soccer tournament has ended, LHM—Myanmar is organizing a program called “Gospel Through Music,” which is set for mid-October.  The event will be held in an area that is populated mostly by unchurched people, in order to reach those who have not yet heard the Word of God.  The staff and volunteers in Myanmar ask for your prayers regarding this venture.


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