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LHM—Thailand Broadcasts Live in Bangkok

On Aug. 21, LHM—Thailand aired its first live broadcast from Bangkok.  “Home for Love,” a radio show based on relationships within the family, aired from 2-3 p.m. on the topic of marriage.  The listeners expressed great interest in hearing about the subject from a Christian viewpoint.

During the hour of broadcasting, ten listeners called into the radio station to request information from LHM staff members, who invited them to visit the studio and to sign up for the Gospel text message program.


Of the ten callers, one man talked to the speaker, Pravit Junrunsri,  on the air about some difficulties he had been experiencing in his marriage.  Junrunsri gave him hope and encouragement during the program, and after it had ended, he called the man back to offer more detailed counseling.

Staff members gave gift sets to those who visited the radio station in person.  In each set was a booklet on ways to nurture love, a Gospel CD with a note about the Gospel text message program, an LHM bookmark, and Lesson One of the Bible Correspondence Courses (BCC).

Because the program was such a success, LHM—Thailand will be experimenting with live broadcasts in Bangkok through February, 2011.  The hour will be divided into two programs to reach multiple audiences. “Home for Love” will be condensed to half an hour for family enjoyment, and “Cheerful Life,” which is geared toward people in the workforce, will run for another 30 minutes.

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