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Diary of a Mission Trip to Guatemala

Last week, eight members from Faith Lutheran Church in Grand Blanc, Mich. completed a mission trip to Guatemala, some of them for the second time.

The goal of the trip was to paint the interior and exterior of World’s Redeemer Lutheran Church and School.  Working alongside the locals through rain and shine, the team successfully reached their goal before returning home.

Monday, August 2, 2010


Not much time to write, as we’re headed up to the village of Santiago Zamora in minutes to start painting at World´s Reedeemer Lutheran Church and School.  Every morning, we hope to provide an update about our journey of faith and service here in Guatemala.

Our travel was blessedly uneventful on Saturday.  Sunday, we worshiped with our brothers and sisters in Santiago Zamora and presented a lesson to the children there, singing and doing some crafts.  The Mayan women of the church then presented us with a fabulous meal and a wonderful presentation about the life and culture of the native peoples of the region.  What a blessing to see these members of the body of Christ sharing their faith and culture so graciously!

Weather and God´s will permitting, we will be painting the interior and exterior of World´s Redeemer this week.  Please keep us and the people of Santiago Zamora in your prayers.

Aaron Gulyas, on behalf of the Mission Team

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Hey stateside!

As a group we are well-blended and work well together.  Thus far, we have seen sights in beautiful Guatemala, immensely enjoying the company of Rebeca, Carlos, and the others we have met.  Monday we accomplished painting the exterior of  World’s Redeemer Lutheran Church and move to the interior courtyard today.  What a blessing and joy to be here!  The community is very friendly and seems curious about us; to see the children in uniform at school is so refreshing and then to be invited into the classroom and participate in activities, what a highlight.  I consider it an honor to be a part of this team.

Thank you, Lord, for being with us.

Marsha and the gang.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

On Tuesday, the painting continued into the school courtyard.  A few of the Mayan couples from the church body came to help again.  It is such a joy to work alongside them.  In the morning, the older school children also worked alongside us painting and cleaning.  When it was time for them to attend classes after lunch, the young schoolchildren were eager for a job helping.

The love the people have for their school and church is very evident.

There is a lot to be accomplished in the next few days, but with the help of our Mayan brothers and sisters and the children, it will get done.

We have had many opportunities to work on our Spanish.  It is getting easier to communicate without a translator, which has become a great bonding experience.

Prayers are greatly appreciated!

Love from Guatelmala,

Karla Westra and Team

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Hola from Guatemala!

God is good! We certainly feel His presence with us and are honored to be doing His work.

The painting job that yesterday seemed daunting, after today, seems very reachable.  Much was accomplished yesterday with the help of the school children and our Mayan brothers and sisters in Christ.  We are not just a team, we are a family. A family of faith united in Christ with our Mayan Lutheran brothers and sisters.

God is smiling here in Guatemala as I´m sure He is in Michigan as well.

Thank you for your continued prayers,

Mia and the Team

Friday, August 6, 2010

Greetings from Guatemala team 2010.  We rose to great weather on Thursday, sunny and cool and great to paint.  We continued to make great progress as we have done all week.  We were helped by two couples from the church and many students.

The women of Redeemer of the World Lutheran Church made lunch for us today.  The meal was called beef pepian, which was roast beef in a brown salsa with rice, tortillas and Rosa de Jamaca–a sweet juice drink.  It was delicioso!

After lunch we continued painting and it began to rain hard.  We have accomplished 90% of our ambitious goal to paint the outside of the church and the entire inside and outside of the school.  The church will complete the project with their own volunteers.  We have accomplished a great deal this week with the complete cooperation of our Mayan Lutheran brothers and sisters in Santiago Zamora, Guatemala.

God´s blessings to all of you,

Craig Hubert and the Guatemala Mission Team 2010

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Friday we had a tour of Antigua with a guide named Olga.  We walked up to the cross.  We also went to the coffee plantation and the Lutheran School at Santiago Zamora.  The children put on a goodbye show; children from 8th, 9th, and 10th grade gave us sincere goodbyes.

The Mayan women gave us gift bags that were much appreciated and all of them hugged us goodbye.  We also had gift bags for the children. We climbed the fields to see the view from the hill which was beautiful, and Milton was a great help.  I have enjoyed this mission trip very much.

Thank you.

Becca Wagner and the Guatemala Team

Sunday, August 8, 2010

We are nearing the end of our mission trip in Guatemala; what a meaningful learning experience this was.  I want to share with you what an awesome time this was for all of us, right down to painting in the rain.

Craig and Mia are fantastic leaders, a very kind and caring couple.  Aaron with his knowledge of history was very helpful with questions on Guatemala.  Becca was very helpful with work and working with the people in the village.  Karla with her laughter, wit and good nature to all of us, and Marsha, her kindness, outspokenness 🙂 energy and understanding.  Thank you all of you in the mission trip!

The children and their families in Santiago Zamora are full of love, gratitude and blessings.  We were all grateful for being able to work with them and get to know them.

Thank you to everyone from Faith for their support and prayers.

Love in Christ,

Lisa Ford

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