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LHM Programs Equip New Christian Families

Evija and Mareks Stefanenkovi with their children

At a recent outreach event, staff of Lutheran Hour Ministries (LHM)—Latvia had a chance to catch up with two old friends, Evija and Mareks Stefanenkovi. Seven years ago, Evija and Mareks attended an Equipping the Saints (ETS) workshop. Their pastor referred them to the ETS workshop, saying it would be a good way for these two new Christians to become better prepared to share the Gospel with others.

At the time, Evija and Mareks were newlyweds and recent college graduates. Although both from non-Christian families, they learned about Jesus Christ while at the university and were brought to faith by the power of God’s Spirit.

LHM was glad to reconnect with the Stefanenkovis, who have faithfully made financial contributions to the ministry since their first ETS workshop. The couple also brought along their three children, 6-year-old Sofija, 4-year-old Filip, and 2-year-old Peter, as well as Evija’s sister and nephew.

At the recent event for families, Mareks said, “LHM’s family programs are very valuable for both Christians and non-Christians. Learning about parenting from a Christian perspective makes it easier to understand myself and to forgive others.”

Evija and Mareks are proof of the importance of outreach among young people and new families, and LHM—Latvia continually seeks new ways to share the Gospel with these groups.

For the latest news and photos from Latvia please visit the LHM—Latvia blog.

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