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LHM Brings the Word of Christ to the World Cup

During the recent World Cup soccer tournament, LHM—South Africa found an opportunity to share the Gospel with sports fans from all over the world.

Two members of the LHM team, Lucas Baloyi, Drama Coordinator, and Tshepo Kutumela, the Audience Relations coordinator, set up a booth at the Newtown FIFA Fan Park in Johannesburg to evangelize to the international soccer enthusiasts attending the match.

LHM—South Africa was invited to the game by another Christian-based organization, the South African Sports Coalition, which was operating an event called The Ultimate Goal (TUG).

By noon, Baloyi and Kutumela had set up an exhibit with many colorful booklets spread out across the floor of their display area, which attracted many curious sports fans.  The people were friendly, and they were  happy to chat before the game while enjoying South African cuisine and the sound of the vuvuzelas.

Several people expressed an interest in Bible Correspondence Courses and were given the first lesson.  Others helped themselves to the booklets, which cover a broad range of spiritual topics.  Puzzle Club books were popular with the children, who were very excited to receive them.

One man commended LHM’s presence at the game, saying “It is good to see God’s name elevated even at sporting events.”

After the match kicked off, Kutumela and Baloyi packed up the booth, grateful to have had the chance to connect with soccer fans outside the World Cup tournament.  “We as a ministry saw an opportunity to evangelize to the people,” Baloyi said.  “We managed to reach many nonbelievers.”

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