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LHM—Ghana Team Brings Evangelism Training to Bunkpurugu

Staff members recently travelled to the remote area of Bunkpurugu to hold an Equipping the Saints (ETS) evangelism workshop, and the people there are very eager to learn methods for sharing their faith.

St. Andrews Lutheran Congregation is a church in Bunkpurugu that operates more than twenty preaching stations, most of which are manned by lay people where pastors are in short supply.  Those attendees are particularly enthusiastic about gaining Gospel knowledge to share with others.

One ETS participant, Simon Laar, said he would like to attend ETS training regularly.  “This area needs more of these workshops,” he said.  “It helps pastors and other leaders to function effectively.”  Laar also mentioned that there had not been an evangelism workshop in Bunkpurugu in over twenty years.

The Ghana staff is planning to conduct ETS workshops in other distant areas where there is great need.  Your prayers and support will go a long way in helping them carry out this mission of Equipping the Saints.

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