LHM Delivers Hope in Thailand

LHM—Thailand teamed up with members of Peace in Christ Church to deliver care packages in areas affected by the recent protests.  Many local businesses could not function during the demonstrations, and the workers were unable to earn money for more than two months.

The rebellion came to a head when the military broke through the barricades of protesters, which resulted in gunfire and flames, further disrupting the lives of frightened residents.

“The stress and worry of the people is not going away quickly,” said Monta Ekwanit Denow, director of LHM—Thailand.  “We wanted to bring hope and encouragement to these families.”

During efforts to clean up the area, the team of evangelists set out to deliver spiritual comfort and material supplies to the residents of the Phratum Wanaram neighborhood.  The material goods included instant noodles, tins of sardines, and other packaged food items.  In addition, LHM—Thailand distributed copies of “Why Do Bad Things Happen?” and Gospel tracts.

More than 400 families received these gifts from the enthusiastic evangelists, who assured them that God had a plan for each one of them.  After all the care packages had been distributed, the team realized there were still more families who needed them.  That afternoon, they put together 100 more packs, and returned two days later to continue their deliveries.

Although few residents of Phratum Wanaram are Christians, many of them were very interested in hearing about the Gospel.  Ekwanit Denow said their efforts were “an excellent opportunity to demonstrate God’s love to the people.”

For more information about LHM-Thailand, visit their blog.  For future international ministry updates, find us on Facebook.

Local children help carry out the mission

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