“State of Emergency” Declared near LHM—Jamaica

Violence broke out in Kingston, Jamaica over the weekend as U.S. authorities sought to extradite notorious drug lord Christopher “Dudus” Coke, who has been charged with distributing narcotics and illegally trafficking firearms. Coke’s supporters burned police stations, blockaded roads, and fired on police, killing at least two officers and six wounding others. The Jamaican government has declared a state of emergency for Kingston and St. Andrews, where the LHM ministry center is located.

“There has been a lot of shooting around our community,” said LHM—Jamaica Director Rev. Obot Ite. “Many policemen have been shot, and stores have been looted by gangsters. The problem is gradually spreading to other areas of Kingston that are noted for gang feuds. LHM staff and members of St. Andrews Lutheran Church are safe so far, and we trust God to return peace to our island.”

Please keep Jamaica in your prayers.

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