Victims of Cyclone Nargis Find Hope in God

Two years ago today, strong winds over Asia formed Cyclone Nargis and struck Myanmar, ripping through several villages and killing more than 138,000 of the inhabitants.  The storm destroyed roads and fishing boats, leaving the survivors trapped in the wreckage.  The government restricted the aid of outside countries, making the situation even worse.  Luckily, Lutheran Hour Ministries already had a ministry center there, and was able to step in immediately.

In addition to transporting food, blankets, medicine, and water, the ministry has donated boats and fishing nets so that villagers may obtain food for themselves.  They have also funded the cleanup of five

rainfall reservoirs, which were closed due to threats of contamination.  Fresh water is very hard to come by so close to the ocean; several well systems have been dug only to find undrinkable salt water.  In one village, a rare spring of fresh water was found right in front of a church, providing an essential necessity and witness to the villagers.

Many of the survivors are struggling with their faith.  Most people realize, however, that the only groups providing continuous aid are Christian organizations, who stay and help rebuild the communities rather than occasionally dropping off supplies.

One woman told Gunya Na Thalang, LHM’s Area Counselor of Asia, “I can’t find the right word to express my appreciation for LHM.”

“Even though these people have gone through this tragedy, it is clear the Holy Spirit is reaching those who are suffering,” said Gunya.  “He has a way of using us at LHM to witness his love and salvation to the hopeless.  Continue to keep these people in your prayer.  Support our constant efforts to share the message of hope.”

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Myanmar Home

Makeshift repairs provide temporary shelter

Area Counselor Gunya Na Thalang visits villages affected in Myanmar.

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