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Worried Mother Finds God While Looking for Daughter

The world can be a dangerous place for children. In the African country of Malawi, parents must be vigilant. Unsuspecting young people can become ensnared in drugs or alcohol, or even become the victims of sexual abuse and trafficking. So when Annie didn’t come home from school one afternoon, her mother Gertrude Kamanga went out to look for her.

Kamanga was anxiously searching Annie’s usual hangouts when she met one of her daughter’s classmates. The classmate suggested that she check the nearby Lutheran Hour Ministries (LHM) office, so the distraught mother ran to the LHM office to inquire after her daughter. To her surprise, they assured her that Annie had spent all afternoon in their office learning about the Christian faith, and she had departed just minutes before. Staff showed Kamanga the office registry, in which Annie had written her name and contact information.

Although she was Muslim, Kamanga was relieved to find that her daughter was coming to the LHM office instead of becoming entangled in substance abuse or meeting violence on the streets. She learned that her daughter sometimes came to the LHM office with her friends, and they played games, watched movies, and participated in a Bible club. They even showed Kamanga the Bible Correspondence Course (BCC) that Annie had recently been studying.

“How much do you charge for this course?” Kamanga asked. “I would like to learn what my daughter is learning.” Kamanga is fortunate to be among the 50 percent of Malawian women who are able to read and write, so staff happily gave her the free Bible courses to take home.

After studying the BCC lessons, Kamanga was brought to faith in Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit. She asked LHM staff to pray for her family, especially for her Muslim husband. LHM—Malawi has referred Kamanga and Annie to a local Christian church, where they are continuing to learn about the true God.

For more information about ministry in Malawi, please visit the LHM Malawi page.

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