Latin America

Panama Ministry Launches Sites to Share Jesus Virtually

It’s now easier than ever for the people of Panama to find Christian encouragement on the internet, thanks to LHM—Panama’s efforts. The LHM ministry center recently launched two new blogs to specifically address the ministry needs in people’s lives. The Complete Woman Blog (Mujer Completa) deals with issues facing women of faith, such as family, marriage, and career. Although it began as a short booklet that women could take home, it has developed into an entire webpage. The second new blog, Messages of Hope (Mensajes de Esperanza), examines ways to grow in faith daily by living by God’s wisdom, knowing the Bible, and learning how to talk with God in prayer.

LHM—Panama received this response about the Messages of Hope Blog: “I went to this webpage looking for words of consolation for a friend who is going through a tough time with her baby. But then I started wondering how I can give words of hope to a friend, if I don’t have faith myself? …This page is great, and it made me think,” wrote Miriam.

To learn more about ministry in Panama, please visit the LHM—Panama blog.

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