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Emerging from the Egg

Although Easter is arguably one of the most important Christian holidays, many people struggle to understand the connection between baskets of colorful Easter eggs and the Resurrection of Christ.

In an effort to explain the relationship, LHM—Panama paid a visit to a pediatric hospital, talking with the patients and families in the waiting room about new beginnings. Two puppets, named Grumpy and Monique, helped relate the concept to the younger children. First, the puppets (with a little help from LHM staff) showed them a picture of an empty egg.

Just like most ordinary eggs, they explained, Jesus’s tomb contained a new life within it, sealed off from the world until the right moment arrived. He rose from the grave that had sheltered him and left it empty like the egg in the picture, giving us hope of a new beginning in eternity with Him.

The children enjoyed hearing the story of Easter while they waited. In another room, their parents sat tensely, many of them anticipating results of their children’s surgeries. Setting the puppets aside, staff members comforted the parents and prayed with them for strength. Families also received booklets titled “Traveling with Christ in Holy Week.”

We continue to pray for the hospitalized children and their families and hope that this Easter will bring them a little joy.

To find out more about LHM—Panama, visit their blog. You can also receive future updates on international news by following us on Twitter.

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