Latin America

Ahead of the Curve

For the last two years, Isidro has worked diligently in studying the Bible, and frequently stops in to LHM—Mexico for materials and discussion. With each visit, he has always taken a single booklet, reading it very carefully. Using the backs of old fliers, Isidro compiled very organized, very detailed notes on his studies. Though he is relatively new to Christianity, he feels very compelled to share what he has learned with others.

During his most recent visit, Isidro came in requesting materials on the Trinity, as that is the first topic he was hurriedly preparing for his new Bible study class. “He felt very bad that in two years of being a Christian, this was the first time he had formally gathered a class to disciple,” said LHM—Mexico Director, Melissa Salomon. “He thought he was way behind the curve!”

Upon seeing Isidro’s conviction, Salomon was inspired to equip him in his mission. She presented him with magazines with topics pertaining to all the things he’d been asking about. He was very thankful that LHM would loan him such valuable resources, and when Salomon clarified that he could keep them, Isidro was awestruck. “I explained that the donors make it possible for us to receive them so that we can share them with students and teachers of God’s Word,” Salomon said.

When asked to pose for a photograph, Isidro took off his jacket and carefully hand-ironed his shirt to look respectful for the donors. He told Salomon that he would be honored to have his picture taken, but averted his glance out of modesty.

“Meeting Isidro and people like him helps remind me why I am really here on earth,” Salomon said. “Thank you friends, prayer supporters, and donors of LHM—Mexico.”

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