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Project JOEL Musical Shares the Good News with 301 People

Several months ago, a volunteer of Lutheran Hour Ministries (LHM) in South Korea enrolled in an acting class where she happened to meet her old acquaintance “Kim.” The 25-year-old Kim was not attending a university, nor did he have a job. Aside from the acting class, he spent his days in idle pursuits. Kim had stopped going to church after graduating from high school, so his friend invited him to go with her. He refused, but she kept praying for him.

A short time later, Kim learned that participants of LHM’s Project JOEL youth program were going to perform the musical Godspell. Kim was musically inclined, so he went to the LHM office to find out if he could be involved. LHM staff gladly accepted his help, and they even made him the director.

Kim rehearsed with the 20 young volunteers for three months. Finally, the day of the performance arrived. Godspell was such a success that they gave a repeat performance several weeks later. Altogether, 300 people came to see the show, which was held at a local church.

Through his association with LHM, Kim came to regret his recently empty, wayward life. He started attending church regularly again, joined the church choir, and began working toward his goal of becoming an entertainer.

By donating his talents to LHM—Korea, Kim helped the volunteers share the Good News with the 300-person audience. Furthermore, Kim became the 301st person to be touched through this well-timed opportunity that renewed his relationship with God.

Project JOEL began in 1996 as an outreach program in Panama to provide Christian guidance to youth and help them make good decisions in their lives. Since then, the program has enjoyed growth and success in Latin America and is being integrated into the outreach efforts of LHM ministry centers in other parts of the world, including Korea.

For updates on ministry in Korea, please visit the LHM—Korea blog.

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