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Prisoner Shares BCC with Fellow Inmates

Three years ago, Dmitry Marphin was, in his own words, “a slave to sin.” He was also an inmate in prison, but suddenly his life changed. He was led to Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit after he enrolled in the Bible Correspondence Courses (BCC) from Lutheran Hour Ministries (LHM)—Russia. The courses helped Marphin to develop a relationship with God, and he began sharing his faith with other prisoners. LHM—Russia recently received a letter from him.

“Thank you for your involvement in my life,” Marphin wrote. “Your courses helped to answer some of my spiritual questions, and I have told other prisoners about your Bible courses. I know that several prisoners have already enrolled. I hope that everyone who is completing the BCC will become closer to God and learn to trust Him more, just as I did. Now I am the leader of a group of Christians in my prison. I am thankful God has opened the door for me to spread the Good News to those around me.”

This month, Marphin is due to be released from prison. He concluded his letter by writing, “When I am out, I am going to continue to try to learn about God and grow in the knowledge of Him. I hope we can stay in touch after my release.”

We pray that God will guide Marphin as he begins his new life. To learn more about ministry in Russia, please visit LHM—Russia’s blog.

Marphin (second from the left) with some friends

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