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LHM—Lebanon Aids Evangelism in Iraq

LHM in Lebanon is known locally as Middle East Lutheran Ministry (MELM).

Recently, LHM—Lebanon had the opportunity to further the Gospel’s advance into Iraq by partnering with Christian radio station, New Life. In late 2009, New Life began broadcasting in Erbil, the largest city in Iraq’s Kurdish area, thanks to equipment and training provided by a U.S. mission. After a three-month trial period, they were ready to begin transmitting a full lineup of Christian programming. Unfortunately, they did not have enough Arabic-language material to fill their airtime.

That’s when God brought New Life Radio and LHM—Lebanon together in order to effectively share His message with Muslims. LHM provided New Life with Bible-based radio programs that are suitable for all audiences. Evangelism is still very dangerous in Iraq, so New Life must be careful to avoid sensitive topics that might offend their Muslims listeners, such as messages that insult Islam or encourage Muslims to leave their faith.  Instead, LHM programs concentrate on powerfully proclaiming the Gospel, with the knowledge that the Holy Spirit will work in the listeners’ hearts.

Christian groups in Egypt and Jordan have also lent their programs to New Life, filling out their schedule with radio dramas, children’s stories, Bible readings, hymns, and programs on social topics. The station will broadcast 65 percent of their programming in Arabic, 25 percent in Kurdish, and 10 percent in other languages, such as Chaldean, Armenian, and English.

New Life is very thankful for the support they have received from other Christian friends in the Middle East, and LHM—Lebanon is amazed at this sudden and wonderful opportunity to share their programming with Muslims 500 miles away. Radio continues to be an effective way to share Christ in dangerous areas because it reaches directly into people’s homes.

Please keep LHM—Lebanon in your prayers, and visit their blog to learn more about their wonderful ministry.

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