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Volunteer Choir Spreads the Word through Song

Sometimes the Lord creates opportunities to share His Word in new ways. At least that’s what LHM—Ghana is finding with the growing popularity of their volunteer choir, the Harps. The choir recently joined other choirs on national television for a Christmas program, where they sang carols and hymns to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

The choir is composed of twenty-seven talented volunteers, fifteen women and twelve men. Although the Harps are managed by LHM—Ghana’s program coordinator, they are led by their director and leaders within the group. The Harps perform at many of LHM—Ghana’s events in the capital city of Accra, with occasional trips into the surrounding areas. Most of their songs are in local Ghanaian dialects, but they sometimes sing in English or Swahili as well.

Currently, the Harps are busy rehearsing for their next appearance on Ghana TV, which will take place during Easter.

To learn more about LHM ministry activities in Ghana, check out LHM—Ghana’s blog.

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