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Soccer Event Brings Excitement Centered Around God’s Word

LHM—Ethiopia, working in partnership with the Roberto Bajio Sports Club, recently sponsored a soccer tournament for students of various age groups who attend Ewket Lhebret Elementary and Secondary School. The event, held over a period of four weeks, gave the ministry an opportunity to connect with young people and share with them, the Good News of Christ’s salvation.

Over one hundred boys and girls attended the events where LHM—Ethiopia’s director, Berhanu Moges, gave a brief Christian message before the start of each soccer match. Then, on the last day, a guest speaker preached the Gospel for half-an-hour to the players and fans who had assembled for the final game.

As part of the sponsorship, LHM supplied two soccer balls and a couple of book bags, as prizes. They also gave certificates of appreciation to school officials and a trophy for the winners. Many who participated expressed their gratitude to LHM—Ethiopia for organizing this exciting event and providing such a fun and exciting way to bring a Christian witness to the youth.

To learn more about LHM ministry programs in Ethiopia please visit the LHM—Ethiopia page.

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