Latin America

LHM in Argentina Welcomes New Manager

We would like to welcome a new ministry center manager the Lutheran Hour Ministries family.

Gloria Tolisano is the new Manager of Cristo Para Todas Las Naciones, the LHM office in Argentina, replacing Rev. Alberto Groh. She was born in Argentina, and came to the church when she attended Concordia High School, in Buenos Aires. She worked for 12 years as the administrative secretary for the Colegio Luterano Concordia, in the city of Córdoba, and in addition to this she worked on producing radio spots for the Lutheran Hour in Argentina.

From 2002 to 2007, Gloria lived in Montevideo, Uruguay, where she worked at her husband’s Cyber/Internet Café, as well as at the new LHM office, as administrative secretary. She has a professional degree from the Universidad Nacional del Litoral, in Argentina.

Gloria is active in the Lutheran Church and a leader in her congregation. According to her pastor, “Gloria has a mission vision which she has shown in all what is related with the challenge that the congregation has, regarding to the mission and its context.”

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