Latin America

Welcome Nilo!

We have a new addition to the staff. As of Monday, Nilo Figur has taken on the position of Area Counselor for Latin America and the Caribbean. Nilo, originally from Brazil, most recently served as a professor of communications at Concordia University in Austin, Texas, and has been a great friend of the ministry for over 20 years.

Nilo was a pastor in Brazil and served in several leadership positions in the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Brazil (IELB) including Secretary and Vice President of Communications. He has extensive experience in communication, as well as training as a pastor, and a journalist. He holds a degree in communications from Webster University and is finishing his doctorate in communications at the University of Texas at Austin.

With the arrival of Nilo, we bid a fond farewell to Ken Peterson who retired from that position. Ken served the Lord through LHM for over 25 years: first as an office director in Venezuela; then as International director and, later, Ministries director (combining the U.S. and international departments); before moving to Panama in 1995 as the Area Counselor.

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